McCalls 7724 Review: Red Silk Charmeuse Blouse

Happy New Year! As you know January is my birthday month, and the first look I wanted to post was the outfit I made for my birthday.

I wanted to keep it street chic and a little feminine. So I created this top to go with the colorway of this bloodline Jordan 1s. As you know, I always have to sew some components of my look and I used sewing pattern McCalls 7724.



I purchased this dark red silk charmeuse from Mood Fabrics, for $14 per yard. I used two yards and it sufficed for the size I cut.

It had a slight give of stretch but not that much. However a beautiful drape.

Unfortunately, I purchased it in store a while ago but here is something similar.




McCalls 7724 is definitely a pattern for someone with intermediate or advanced sewing skills. I sewed the option of view C. I thought it was a breeze until it came to creating the narrow hem. It was such a challenge and annoying.

The hemline is too much of a curve hem to create a regular machine or narrow hem. I know I will be using this pattern again and my best suggestion would be to create a hem facing. It would be so much easier and have such a cleaner finish.

All in all, I LOVE this pattern very much and will be making more varieties of this top in different fabrics.


For this top, I cut a size 12.

However, if I had to remake this top, I would cut a size 12 but blend out the bottom of the front and back piece to a size 16 or 18 due to my hips, because I could not place additional buttons below my waistline because the top did NOT close around my wide hips.



Sneakers: Air Jordan 1 Bloodline

Earrings: Any Local Beauty Supply Store

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