Hello everyone! My name is Hadassa Dorcean. I am a fashion content creator.I love to sew, style, design, film, blog and more! I bring all that content to you here via this platform I created under HADASSADOR.

Here on HADASSADOR, Im all about breaking the barriers of fashion through non-conforming social standards such as racial diversity, sexual inclusivity, gender fluidity and female empowerment.

I am a proud alumni of the High School of Fashion Industries, where I was taught a foundation of basic sewing and pattern-making/draping skills.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Product Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology where I learned to specialize in apparel product development and supply chain management. This has  has allowed me to push my brand, go into manufacturing and pursue a content creating space as a sewing blogger.

My life long goal as a fashion designer and sewing blogger is to open a sewing school and/or an apparel manufacturing company in Haiti that will be enrolled/employed by young women and children.

I've been sewing for 6 years. I'm Haitian-American, occasionally love to knit (its too time consuming), play Sims, read and addicted to shoes!

​View my journey of sewing, design and style and how much it implements my life. Hopefully it implements yours, and you can join along.


HADASSADOR is an independent small business brand created by designer Hadassa Dorcean in 2013. Every year, a new collection is made and sold via e-commerce. This brand is here to cultivate a fashion movement towards political and social change.


We produce high fashion items that embody and promote texts, phrases, statements, symbols of feminism, racial/ethnic diversity, culture, self-love and more

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