Denim Look Inspired by Fenty Denim Corset Dress

For this look, I was inspired by Rihanna’s high end ready to wear brand, Fenty’s first release in May 2019, “BUY BLACK”, denim corset dress. I remember being in awe from the stitching, the fit, the heavyweight denim appearance, and the oversized silhouette.


I know I just wanted this dress for myself. However, it sold out in a matter of minutes, and although I love to keep my dollar black, I couldn’t afford it.

It retails for $810 and that is just WAY out my budget and financial means.

it comes in 3 colors, white, indigo, and black. And has a corset-inspired silhouette with curved side cutouts and pointy collar.

So when I got my hands on McCalls pattern 7996, I automatically thought about recreating something similar to the Fenty Denim Dress.

I had this heavyweight denim fabric from Minerva Fabrics sitting around and I knew this would be the perfect project.


  • Created new hemline

  • Shortened hem

  • Removed pocket flaps

  • Widened sleeve pattern

  • Widened back and front bodice

To accentuate the stitching I used a neon orange thread. It gave a great contrast and pop of color.

This was so fun to make and definitely a piece I can style as a jacket or dress.
I can say this piece is approximately $30 to $50 to make, a way more affordable approach for my pockets.

If you feel inspired, I think you should attempt creating this look too.

Outfit Details

Shoes: Out of Season


Earrings: Zara/Out of Season

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