I'm obsessed with blazers.

There, I said it. I’ve admitted to it. And I’m not going to change that. So, let's talk about this one I'm rocking here.


I'm also obsessed with neon. Yes, I slipped into the neon spiraling trend going on. I’ve made a bodysuit in neon, thus far, (if you follow me on Instagram, you would know. P.S: Go on over there and follow me by the way) and now I decided to make a blazer dress.

I stepped out of just making a plain old blazer and decided to spice it up for the spring and make a dress. In order to create this blazer dress, I used the amazing Mimi G Simplicity pattern 8749, with a few modifications.

I removed the sleeves. I added 1-inch ease on the side seams (for my ladies with hips), and created 8 buttonhole placements instead of 1. I wanted a blatant contrast against the neon green of this suiting wool fabric, and I felt black buttons would be great. I made no adjustment to the length, because my favorite feature is my legs, and they were going to be the show of this blazer dress, honey.

My favorite part of this whole look, and my own little touch, are my pocket flaps.


As a designer, I love to incorporate words or symbols of empowerment and messages that invoke social awareness into my style/silhouette. Clothing always states who you are and impersonate your mood/who you can be, and that is what I wanted from this look. I wanted femininity and boss vibes, and those two words spoke exactly that.

Below I have attached links to the pattern and fabrication.


Fabric (Similar)

The buttons were bought from Pacific Trimming and unfortunately, there are no links to it on their site. But I put some similar options here.




The bag is from H&M and out of season.


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